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From the editorial desk of writer, Rick Moody, who is guest-editing magnetmagazine.com this week:  “Kimberly Reed’s PRODIGAL SONS is definitely among the best documentaries I’ve seen in years.”  Look for Moody’s in-depth article/interview with Reed in Details magazine in early 2010.

PRODIGAL SONS hit the Viennale in October and was a smash.  Sonia Neufeld of ORF.at reported on the award-winning Langdokumentarfilm:  “The jury says, ‘If you only are going to see one documentary this year, it should be this film.’”

A week before the Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival in Toronto, Guy Dixon in the Arts section of The Globe and Mail, highlights PRODIGAL SONS, “a film so surprising, it has to be real.”  Read it here.

The 19th Annual Reel Affirmations Festival, the nation’s LGBT fest, says of PRODIGAL SONS, “Not to be missed, this documentary proves to be a masterpiece of sibling rivalry.”

Margaret Murray, programming director of the Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, says that PRODIGAL SONS is “the most amazing examination of sibling rivalry I’ve ever seen on film.”

Coming full circle, PRODIGAL SONS director, Kimberly Reed, returns to her Montana roots for a screening at the Plymouth Congregational Church.  Read reporter, Martin Kidston’s wonderful article from the Independent Record about this special screening here.

Polish film critic, Michal Oleszczyk, on his Last Seat on the Right blog says of  PRODIGAL SONS’ director, Kimberly Reed, “She’s a true artist—blessed by talent, cursed by biology, with only her self-awareness to guide her.”

Lou Mindar at The Documentary Film Blog says that, “PRODIGAL SONS is the best documentary I have seen this year, and that’s saying something.”

During the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian  Film Festival in August ’09, Kimberly Reed chats with local NPR station WUNC’s Frank Stasio about the connection between gender identity, genetic identity, and family ties.  Have a listen here.

Aussie Glenn Dunks at the “Stale Popcorn” blog lauds PRODIGAL SONS, “a tale of strength and courage,” in his coverage of the Melbourne International Film Festival. Read it here.

Oxford American, The Southern Magazine of Good Writing, picks PRODIGAL SONS as one of the movies they love.  Read their laudatory review here.

In an article in the Irish Times, Cian Smyth, program director of GAZE, picks the “already hugely praised” PRODIGAL SONS as a personal favorite of this year’s festival.

A week before GAZE begins, Kimberly Reed talks to Declan Cashin of The Independent in Ireland about PRODIGAL SONS.

In his feature article on indieWIRE, “Freedom, Defiance, Shame, Courage and Justice For All: 6 to Watch from Outfest,” Bryan Stamp says of PRODIGAL SONS: “It’s one of the most acclaimed documentaries of 2009 and . . . one of the most admired and buzzed about films at this festival.”

Watch a great video interview about the making of PRODIGAL SONS with Kimberly Reed and Neil Broverman on Advocate.com.

The Advocate names Kimberly Reed one of Outfest's five filmmakers to watch.

EDGE Staff Reporter, Kilian Melloy, posts a terrific article from QFEST in Philadelphia:  “PRODIGAL SONS is never less than compelling viewing.”  Read it here.

2009 Florida Film Festival Award Winner, Kimberly Reed, talks to Brian Quain of Before You Submit: watch it here!

Director Kimberly Reed takes one of the top prizes at the ’09 Nashville Film Festival: Special Jury Prize for Bravery in Filmmaking.

SILVERDOCS’ Artistic Director, Sky Sitney, calls PRODIGAL SONS an “unexpected side trip into cinematic history [that] expands what began as an intimate family story into a larger vision of identity, inheritance and the inscrutable vagaries of fate.”

Read indieWIRE’s coverage of the ’09 Newfest winners including PRODIGAL SONS’ jury prize for Best Feature Length Documentary.

Neal Schindler’s Seattle International Film Festival Report #3 explores mental illness in John Cassavetes’ “A Woman Under the Influence” and Kimberly Reed’s PRODIGAL SONS.

More news from Frameline33:  The Frameline Volunteer of the Year Award went to longtime volunteer captains Andy Friend and Edric Kwan, who had the honor of selecting Kimberly Reed’s documentary PRODIGAL SONS to receive a $2,500 grant.

The San Francisco Chronicle says that PRODIGAL SONS is “an example of superb documentary filmmaking,” while The Bay Times deems that Reed’s film is “not to be missed.  . . . the Montana dust she kicks up clears the air for a reckoning that hits close to home for many of us.”

Frameline Fest’s Alexis Whitham also describes PRODIGAL SONS as a “don’t miss” viewing experience, saying  “. . . this documentary proves to be a masterpiece study of sibling rivalry.”  As the festival’s Centerpiece Screening, PRODIGAL SONS had a packed house at the 1400-seat Castro Theatre.

The Village Voice says of PRODIGAL SONS, “You will never think of Rosebud the same way again.”

Guest curator, Basil Tsiokos, announces the fantastic line-up for this year’s Out At the Movies series at Westchester’s Jacob Burns Film Center, which includes PRODIGAL SONS with a special appearance by filmmaker, Kim Reed.  Peter Knegt also gives the series a mention over at indieWIRE.

The news from Nashville:  PRODIGAL SONS is the “cream of the festival crop” according to the Towleroad site.  Read more raves from the Film Experience Blog:  “the film that got Nicole Kidman and her hubby [Keith Urban] here.  . . . She chose well.”

Kim Reed wins a Special Jury Award for Fearless Filmmaking for her “jaw-dropping and intimate PRODIGAL SONS” at the 18th Annual Florida Film Festival.

The Daily City Orlando blog praises PRODIGAL SONS for dealing so beautifully with “the politics of childhood, and the universal desire to be loved by one’s family.”

FIPRESCI prize for PRODIGAL SONS in Thessaloniki! International Federation of Film Critics prize a top European honor.

PRODIGAL SONS selected to travel on theatrical tour in Athens.

Florida Film Festival hosts PRODIGAL SONS in competition.

PRODIGAL SONS goes to Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Truth Is the Truth!: PRODIGAL SONS "a beauty of a film."

Cleveland int'l film fest: PRODIGAL SONS highlighted in indieWIRE.

Visiting October Country: "PRODIGAL SONS looks at the complications of memory, identity, family love, and violence with sharp sight and unflinching tenderness."

PRODIGAL SONS makes for Non-fiction Crack: True/False Feeds Doc Junkies.

True/False film festival - director Kimberly Reed interviewed.

Montana Filmmaker Comes Out: director Kimberly Reed interviewed for Montana premiere.

PRODIGAL SONS in What Not to Miss at the Big Sky Documentary film festival.

PRODIGAL SONS is one of Five Reasons to Take in the Boulder Int'l film festival.

Shaz Bennett's Best Films of 2008 selects PRODIGAL SONS.

Cameron Koller at the AFI Fest’s Daily News says that Reed’s directorial feature debut is “a unique and rare example of POV.”

AFI film fest Red Carpet interview with director/producer Kimberly Reed and producer/DP John Keitel.

BEST OF 2008 — indieWIRE , In his "Top 10s for 2008" article, editor-in-chief Eugene Hernandez names PRODIGAL SONS one of "Five Undistributed Gems" of 2008! Coming from one of the most influential people in independent film, we're honored!

BEST OF 2008 — KQED "Forum" , PRODIGAL SONS highlighted in radio show on best films of 2008. Gary Meyer (Landmark Theaters co-founder, San Francisco's Balboa Theater program director, Telluride Film Festival co-director), says "Watch for it. It hasn't gotten a distributor yet, but it is powerful!"

glaadBlog , Palm Springs Film Fest Features Exciting LGBT Lineup.

Denver Post , Lisa Kennedy: A Denver Post "Hidden Gem"

"If you’re going to see only one documentary this year , do your best to find a screening of Kimberly Reed’s moving family memoir." Danny Miller.

Critic's Choice/Pick of the Day in seven major UK outlets : Guardian, Daily Mail, The Times, Observer, The Herald, Daily Record, What's on TV.

The Independent , Harry Byford: "[An] incredible story . . . a really focused look at sibling dynamics, which we can all empathise with."

IndieWIRE Dispatch from AFI FEST , Peter Knegt : "[AFI FEST] continued over the weekend with warm receptions of LA premieres of lesser known films like Kimberly Reed's unwavering portrait of her own family, PRODIGAL SONS."

Ain't It Cool , Moriarty: "There’s a lot of America that would benefit from realizing how much this family resembles their own."

Top Five of AFI Fest , LA Cinema Youth: "This is a film that defines guerilla filmmaking."

"PRODIGAL SONS is about a family that is far from perfect but perfect from far.  It’s a documentary with great integrity." SBCC Film Reviews, Maurice Cohen

Nicorama , Four Stars.

IndieWIRE Dispatch from Telluride , Eugene Hernandez: "Hailed by Telluride Film Festival organizers as one of the discoveries of this year's festival."

Variety Magazine's Telluride Wrap-up , Todd McCarthy, Chief Film Critic: "...only a few stood out as being of serious quality...PRODIGAL SONS galvanized audiences..."

Variety Magazine Review , Todd McCarthy: "This film will fascinate inquisitive viewers on multiple levels."

Cinematical : "One of the surprise audience faves at the fest..."

As Little As Possible Blog : "Everyone should see this movie... This one could be life-changing."  (Wrap-up)

Telluride Interview , David Thomson: "... a tribute to the great skill with which you put the story across."

Guardian Essay , David Thomson: "I saw a film I can't get out of my head."

NY Sun review of DON QUIXOTE , Gary Giddins: "One of the highlights of the 35th Telluride Film Festival."

Director Kimberly Reed named one of Filmmaker Magazine's  25 New Faces of Independent Film 2007